1912 LIVE EP

Something different from 1912:
Four songs recorded in one day "live" at Robannas, in August 2017.
Mixed and released the same week!

"Maybe I Lied"

"Square The Circle"

"Partial View"

"Eyes Shine Bright"

We had been down to a four-piece, with Alex unavoidably unavailable for a year or so. During this time, we developed a leaner, rockier sound, with a more direct and emotional presentation of the songs. Many existing songs were reworked for the new band format, and we decided that we should record some of these - but in a "live" setting. So we booked a day at Robannas and laid down four tracks (including a brand new song!), with all instruments played and recorded simultaneously. As a result, these songs are exactly as we'd perform them live, with only minimal post-production and mixing.

Alex has now rejoined - but this time he's playing guitar instead of keyboards. So the band sound has changed once again - now with a powerful twin-guitar edge!
Who knows what we'll come up with over the next few months? Well, one thing's for sure: new songs are coming thick and fast; so we may have a whole new set by the end of the year!

You can listen to all the new tracks (and a selection of tracks from our first three albums) at our Soundcloud page:


We also hope to have CDs of these recordings available at upcoming gigs.

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