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nineteentwelve are five musicians from around Birmingham, England:

Gavin Saunders: guitar
Alex Theay: keyboard, guitar, vocals, trumpet
Gary Sheridan: lead vocals, keyboard, guitar
Dave Sutheran: drums, vocals, saxaphone
John Pierpoint: bass, mandolin

The band enjoyed their first taste of fame when their song “Please Take Me Away From Here” was featured on the 2011 Monty Maggot Records sampler compilation CD “Allies & Clansmen”, generating some excellent reviews. Along with airplay on BBC Radio and a string of UK gigs in 2011, this sparked a considerable interest in the group - interest that exploded with the October 2011 release of their debut album “Waiting For No One”.

The band released their second album, “Elegy” on 1st September 2013. This album built on the band’s reputation for writing intriguing lyrical stories wrapped in quality music, and introduced some more experimental ideas.

Their long awaited third album, “New World Order” was released on 1st February 2016. The album reflects the progressive development of nineteentwelve’s music. The central elements of the band’s sound remain consistent beneath an evolution of melody and lyric that is broad and ambitious in scope. Highly respected artists Omenopus created a unique companion album, available as part of the same double-sleeve set. “The Hybrid Project” is a dazzling reworking of nineteentwelve tracks from across their career, brought together with imaginative vision by Omenopus’s main applicator Lee Potts, blending the ribbons of nineteentwelve’s music into a new and thought-provoking tapestry: a future dystopian struggle for survival, with unsettling echoes of the present. The music offers a radically different approach to nineteentwelve, an approach in line with the consistently shifting rhythms of Omenopus. It will impress followers of both acts.

Now - after a long wait - nineteentwelve are delighted to announce the release of their new album, No Place Like Home, on 17. 09. 2022.

The fourth album from the Birmingham band, No Place Like Home is an exhilarating collection of nine new and original songs. Showcasing the band’s talent for compelling song writing, the album offers a fresh and energetic blend of powerful melodies, memorable hooks and emotive lyrics.

Ninetweentwelve have crafted a strong international reputation for their unique style, weaving exuberant rock with delicate neo prog. No Place Like Home is a triumphant statement of everything the band represents: arresting musicianship, passionate vocals and the craft of songwriting.

The album will be released on Monty Maggot Records on 17.09.2022, available as CD (MMCD014) and digital download via Spotify, Amazon, and direct from Monty Maggot Records.

Colleagues from the media are invited to attend the album release event from 8.00pm on Saturday 17.09.22, hosted at The Old Contemptibles in Birmingham City Centre (176 Edmund Street, B3 3HB). The band will be pleased to welcome you to enjoy a playback of the album and share our excitement for this enthrallingly relevant new music.

All albums are available from Monty Maggot records (www.montymaggot.com).



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