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January 2021

Wishing you all a Happy New Year from 1912.
Let's all hope for a better one. We all look forward to getting back to the music asap. Stay safe and well all and we hope to see you soon.

December 2020

All the guys in 1912 want to wish all of our followers and friends and their families a great Xmas. It is gonna be a weird one but make the best of it you can. Hopefully we'll be back soon and fingers crossed for a better 2021.

September 2020

Great to be back in the studio at Robannas on Sunday. Album number 4 well underway after a lockdown pause. New songs sounding good...

27th August 2020

At 8.10, we were on our local Cofton Radio station, being interviewed live on air.
The interview went really well. All the band were able to connect via Zoom (Dave had to do it sound-only, due to broadband issues), and the host John McQuaid devoted the whole (40 minutes) programme to our music, playing four of our songs: Please Take Me Away From Here, Square the Circle (live version), The Eagle and Partial View.
We had a few minor glitches with the technology, and occasionally we had trouble hearing John's audio signal, but nothing that spoiled the show. We'd love to do this again!

July 2020

After over four months of not being able to be together due to COVID-19, we had our first post-lockdown rehearsal (socially distanced), at recently re-opened Robannas (of course - where else?). It was wonderful to be back and meet Rob and his staff again, and use our favourite room (no.9 - the biggest!) for a rehearsal.
We expected our first few tunes to be a bit shambolic after such a long lay-off, but everything seemed to click into place very quickly. We ran through all of the new songs and a few classics as well, then did some rearrangement work on one of the new ones.
Gary and Doug wore masks while they sang, which took a bit of getting used to!
Afterwards, we had a chat with Rob, said hello to the kitten and perused the huge range of stomp-boxes that Rob had out for sale (hurry up if you want one - they're going fast!). Gav bought another one to add to his collection.

June 2020

Wow - our recent "lockdown" video for Nothing Again has now had well over 2000 views!
1912 would like to say "Thank you!" to everyone who has viewed or shared this video.
We intend to have more videos, photos and vlogs for you over the next few weeks. .

How about this for starters. . .
Promo video of The Eagle taken from our third album New World Order:


If you pop over to our Facebook page, you can view the "Vlog" videos we've been making.

May 2020

The first fruit of our lockdown projects: a "lockdown" video for our song "Nothing Again". We put this up on our Facebook page, and we had a lot of interest! Thanks to everyone who has viewed it.
We're overjoyed at the huge response to our new lockdown video, and we can promise more videos and articles to come soon.
Stay tuned!

nineteentwelve in lockdown and having a bit of fun...


April 2020 - lockdown!

What are we up to now?
In common with just about everyone else in the UK, we're all currently self-isolating - so no gigs, recording, rehearsals or even meet-ups for the foreseeable future.
However, we have started to hold weekly video-conference meet-ups, so we can at least discuss ideas, present new music and even jam.
We're now investigating the possibilities for remote collaboration, with the aim of creating some new material by playing "pass the parcel" over the Internet with multi-track music projects. We've considered this method several times before, but it was always easier to just get together in a room and play! It was always difficult to find time to record at home, but now we have plenty of time!
So we're going to follow the lead of our good friends in Omenopus and be a "virtual band" for the time being. Hopefully the different way of working will inspire us to produce something a little more unusual.
Stay safe, everyone!

January 2020 - recording upate

Well, this is embarrassing! The previous News post was dated July 2019, and this one is Jan 2020. What on earth have we been up to lately? Is 1912 still going as a band?
The answer to the last question is an emphatic "Yes!"
As to the first question. . .
Basically, we've been very busy: rehearsing regularly, writing more new songs and recording them. The recording process for the new album has been very slow this time round, but we don't want to rush it. Why should we? There is no pressure from any record company for us to deliver by a certain deadline. This is being driven by the band, and we want this, our fourth album, to be as good as it can possibly be. We have four amazing song writers in this band, and they have all been pushing the envelope further than ever before, creating startling and powerful new compositions. And just when we think we've got the definitive track list for the album, someone writes another new song that's even better than those that came before! So we just have to add that to the recording list. . . In addition, there are many creative decisions that are made during the recording process itself which cause a complete re-think on how we interpret a particular song. It's been a thoroughly enjoyable process so far, with many surprises along the way (these songs seem to have a life of their own!).
We hope that those of you who know our music will be (pleasantly) surprised by the new material: new styles, new arrangements, new instruments, new sounds, even a different recording process.

July 2019

Another recording session this morning, adding guitar parts to "Better Man" and "Trapped in the Colours", and a bit of bass to "Trapped. . .".
At one point we had to adopt a low-tech solution to a string-buzzing problem. . . :¬)


April 2019

Over the Easter holiday, several members of the band were back at Robannas adding parts to the new songs. Alex brought along his trumpet!
But before that, it had to have a good clean. . .

31st December 2018

Happy New Year to everyone from 1912!
We're hoping to record a new batch of songs early in 2019, with a possible album release later in the year.
We're very excited about the new music, which follows a change in our style to a heavier, twin-guitar sound. Meanwhile, we intend to bring back more of the multi-part vocal harmonies that featured in our earliest recordings. Gary, Doug and Alex are champing at the bit to record their voices.
We may have some other surprises for you too - but at the moment it's all rather hush-hush. Watch this space!
Let's make 2019 the year of 1912!

August 2018

We had a short 1912 recording session last night. Mostly the session was for recording Gary's vocals for the new version of "Eyes Shine Bright" (which is shaping up to be a MUCH better song than the early version we recorded live last year).
He also did some keyboard parts. His trusty Akai synth was augmented by a very convincing software Hammond B4 emulator - complete with completely customisable Leslie cab settings. I think we must have spent longer twiddlling with the settings to get JUST the right speed, acceleration and tone from the Leslie than it took for Gary to record the piece in the first place!
Anyhow, here are some shots of Gary, laying down some subtle and pensive synth moods. . .

July 2018: 1912 music now available on new streaming sites

We are delighted to bring the news that you can now listen to (and buy!) 1912 music on Bandcamp and the recently-launched YouTube Music. We'd like to thank our good friend Lee Potts (of Omenopus and Monty Maggot Records) for making much of this happen. All three albums are now available on Bandcamp, and we hope to have the 4-track Live EP available there soon as well.

July 2018

We were back in the studio on 1st July for another full day's recording. This time, we had a couple of guests sit in on the session: our friend and collaborator (and mainman of Omenopus) Lee Potts, and a little chap who was having a whale (or in this case, a "shark") of a time with his first visit to a recording studio!


May - June 2018: Recording sessions for a new album.


John Selfie

Al and Gav


Al, Gav and Mig

With a shedload of new songs in the bag, we returned to Robannas to start recording tracks for a new album - our fourth, and the first to be recorded with the new sonic forces in the band.
Mig Seco was at the helm of the Pro Tools mothership - making sense of the weird noises we were giving him. Meanwhile, nature was busy trying to drown us out with some heavy thunder that was loud even inside an insulated studio control room.
During a break in the process, we had a little jam session, which Mig was able to capture for posterity - the basis of a possible new song!

We can't give away too many details yet, but here are some teasers:

* There will be a new, augmented version of "Eyes Shine Bright" (which we recorded live last year).

* In a change to how we normally do things, Doug has recorded all his drum parts using an electronic kit. Although many other artists now used electronic drums, we weren't sure if this would work for us, so it was a bit of an experiment. So far - thumbs up!


September 2017: Alex is back!

Alex 150917

As some of you may know, Alex has been unable to be a part of the band for the last year or so, for medical reasons. But the good news is - he's now BACK!
In a twist to the plot though, Al has taken on a new role in the band: whereas before he mainly played keyboards, now he joins Gavin on guitar duties; so we have a powerful twin-guitar sound that will take us in a bold new direction.

Alex has already brought some new song ideas to the table, and everyone else is also busily writing new material. We suspect that a whole new album may not be too far away. . .

August 2017: New recordings!

As promised, we recorded a set of four songs to showcase the current four-piece band line-up and heavier sound.

"Maybe I Lied"

"Square The Circle"

"Partial View"

"Eyes Shine Bright" (BRAND NEW SONG!)

We booked a day at Robannas and laid down these four tracks, with all instruments played and recorded simultaneously. So these are exactly as we'd perform them live, with only minimal post-production and mixing.

You can hear all the new tracks at:

And there's a video for the new version of "Maybe I Lied", with footage from the recent Roadhouse gig, available on YouTube:


Summer 2017: new recordings at last

After spending considerable time in rehearsals honing our new - heavier - sound, we will be going into the studio (Robannas, of course!) during August to record a brand new song "Eyes Shine Bright", along with new versions of older songs that have been reworked for the band's current 4-piece line-up. Just for a change, we'll be trying a different recording method - going for a "live" style recording, with everyone playing simultaneously and few or no overdubs.

We hope to make the recordings available here as downloads, and also as a 4-track CD which will be available at our live shows.

The reworked songs will be "Maybe I Lied", "Partial View" and "Square The Circle".

Spring 2017: our anniversary!

We are now celebrating ten years together as a band!
How time flies. . .

October 2016

Our first show in FIVE years (EXACTLY five years too - our last show was at the same place on 23rd October 2011!) went well.
It was our first venture out as a 4-piece, which was necessitated by Alex needing some long-term convalescence (hope the op goes well Alex!). We did some reworked versions of songs from the whole back catalogue. Gary stepped up to the plate to cover some of Al's keyboard parts on his trusty Nord.
Spurred on by this success, we hope to do some more shows very soon.
Watch this space!

Thanks to Lee, Sonya, Kate, Liam and Martin for recording various aspects of the show. Here's one of Lee's shots, taken before we went on. . .


Like the T-shirts? (Featuring the "New World Order" cover design by Lee!)
We might have some left. Contact us if you're interested!


September 2016: New World Order now at a bargain price!

From this month, you can buy New World Order direct from Monty Maggot Records for the amazing price of just £4.99.
That's two discs for under a fiver!

September 2016: New "taster" video

We now have a "taster" video for the New World Order album.
You can find it at YouTube, or right here:


July 2016: We are now on Soundcloud

We have just set up a profile on music sharing site Soundcloud.
You can find us at:

1st February 2016: "New World Order" is released!

As you may have seen on our Home page, 1912's third album "New World Order" is released today!

You can find the album for sale over at, and also at international online vendors such as Amazon and CDBaby.

Don't forget: it's a DOUBLE CD SET - with a second CD featuring Omenopus reworkings of 1912 classic tracks. Unmissable!

December 2015: New World Order updates

All artwork and packaging design for "New World Order" has been completed now. We asked our friend and frequent collaborator Lee Potts (of Omenopus) if he could design us a cover, and gave him free rein. Well it's paid off, because he's come up with a stunning design! The low-res preview image below will give you some idea of how good it's going to look. . .
A select few people have already heard some of the new music, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying that this is 1912's best album to date!


The album will be released as a DOUBLE CD set, with the second CD featuring some amazing new music by Lee and Omenopus, all based on original 1912 tracks. We hesitate to use the term "remix" because these pieces of music go so much further than that term implies. "Re-imagining" is a more accurate description, as Lee weaves the new tracks together with specially-recorded narration to form a compelling science fiction story, which also manages to link into some of the themes of NWO. It's called "The Hybrid Project".


31st October 2015: Mastering complete!

We have it at last: a completed Master Disc of "New World Order", the third album from 1912! It's been a long time coming, but we think you'll find it was worth the wait!
Many thanks to Miguel Seco at Robannas for recording, mixing, editing and mastering this album - and for his many other contributions to this project.

NWO Master disc

2014/2015: at last, the 3rd album - and more!

Sorry for the lack of any news for over a year! So to make amends, here's a round-up of what's been going on in 1912-land.

We have been busy writing and recording material for our 3rd album, but it's taken a great deal longer than anyone would have thought!

The good news is that the long-awaited 3rd album - now titled "New World Order" -is almost complete. All tracks are now recorded and mixed. We feel that this is our strongest album to date, with some killer tunes; the title track alone is going to blow you away! Due to the unusual circumstances of the recording, the band found an opportunity to explore new ways of writing, arranging and recording the music, so expect to hear some quite different sounds, styles and moods. Right now, our engineer Miguel Seco is completing the mastering at his studio in Portugal. This should be completed in a few days.

More good news: our friend and regular collaborator Lee Potts (of Omenopus) has agreed to help out with the release of the album in a number of ways. Firstly, he's sourcing the duplication; secondly, he'll be releasing the album on Monty Maggot Records (as with the first two albums); thirdly, he's designing the cover and packaging (so expect to see some excellent artwork!); fourthly - and this is where it REALLY gets exciting! - he's created a CD of remixes of 1912 songs, which may form part of the release package, or may be released as a separate album altogether.

"Remix" is a term that doesn't do justice to this project. The new tracks are more like "re-imaginings" of classic 1912 songs, with new arrangements and whole new sections. Lee has enlisted the help of a guest or two, and members of 1912 have recorded new parts for some of these tracks. Effectively, this CD (working title: "Hybrid") will be the next Omenopus album.

So, we leave you with a visual teaser for the new album (note: this is NOT the cover artwork). . .


Winter 2013/2014: recording for new album commences

The band (minus John, who's still knee-deep in nappies!) are now recording tracks for their next album. Due to the slightly unusual circumstances, these tracks sound quite different to anything 1912 have done before.

Winter 2013: "Elegy" and "Waiting for No One" now available as a bargain package!

Now for a limited time, you can buy both "Elegy" and debut album "Waiting For No One" direct from Monty Maggot records at the incredible price of just £4.99 for the pair - and this even includes postage for UK customers!

Click here to buy both now for just £4.99

September 1st 2013: "Elegy" released!

1912 are pleased to announce that their 2nd album "Elegy" is now available.It's been a long time arriving, but we feel that the wait has been worthwhile. The album builds on the strong grounding of its predecessor "Waiting For No One", yet brings in new sounds, moods and styles.
You can find more details on the Music page.

August 15th 2013: 1912 in the newspapers

As the new album includes a track called "Brueton Park", we have been featured in this week's edition of Solihull News. This is in recognition of Brueton Park being a well-known landmark in the Solihull area (and the track includes field recordings made at that location).
You can download a PDF of the article here.

Summer 2013: "Elegy" release date announced - pre-release copies available soon!

The long-awaited second album "Elegy" is finished, and is being duplicated for distribution. As before, the album will be available through our friends at Monty Maggot records, and eventually also through the usual online stores.

The official release date is 1st September, but we hope to have some pre-release copies available to fans before that date.
So, how do you get hold of one of these? Keep watching this space for news, and join our mailing list by sending us an e-mail! See the About page for our contact address.

More details about the new album will appear here soon.

Winter & Spring 2013: final editing and mixing of 2nd album

Editing and mixing has taken longer than expected (not helped by the weather!), but is now complete. The final mixes sound incredible, so we know you're going to enjoy the new offering.
Work on the cover design is still ongoing, but look out for an album release announcement here soon!

December 2012: Canadian radio airplay

Many thanks to Mary Campbell for showcasing three tracks from "Waiting For No One" on her excellent Prog-themed radio show "Underdog Prog", broadcast every Saturday from 4.00pm to 7.00pm, Pacific Time on American station "The Dividing Line". Gary had a chat with her before the programme, and from her on-air comments she was clearly impressed by Gary, the band and the music. Mary's show is a great mix of famous and unknown bands, old and new, all at the cutting edge of modern music, so it's highly recommended. You can listen to (or download) the programme by going to:

December 2012: Recording update

We've done all the recording now. Mig will be busy over the next few weeks mixing the tracks while we use the rough test mixes to work out what order to place the tracks, and how to join them. Without wishing to give anything away, we can say that there will be a few surprises and contrasts amongst the material. This album is likely to be quite different to "Waiting For No One"!

Release date not yet defined, but likely to be in the first quarter of 2013.

September 2012: Recording update

The bones of the last six tracks for our 2nd album were laid down on 29/07/12 at Robannas studios, with Mig Seco at the desk.
We still have some parts to record, but we're now close to completion. The most recent session was 08/09/12.

June 2012: Allies & Clansmen II Compilation

The latest Monty Maggot compilation "Allies & Clansmen: The Next Descendant" is now available (released June 2012)
1912 have contributed an edited version of a new song called "Brick By Brick". The full version of the song will be included on 1912's 2nd album, currently being recorded. It should give a good taster of the music coming up from 1912 this year. A&C should be an exciting release for all the bands featured on it.
Go to to order your copy.

April 2011: 1912 track on new compilation CD

The 1912 song "Please Take Me Away From Here" features on a new FREE compilation CD, put together by our good friend and "Omenopus" mainman Lee Potts, and launched on 4th April 2011.
The CD is called "Allies & Clansmen", and includes contributions from many of the artists who know or have worked with Lee over the years.

See for more information.